WW3 fears: Chinese state media urges Beijing to ramp up its defence amid Joe Biden threats

CHINESE state media has reacted to Joe Biden’s threat of starting a ‘real shooting war’ by urging China to ramp up its defence.

China ‘wants to hide ballistic missiles’ in the sea says expert

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The Global Times has responded to the US President’s remark by urging China to gear up its military defence. The Chinese Communist Party mouthpiece said China needs to increase its defence in order to “deprive” the US of its assurance they can win in a conflict over Taiwan and the South China Sea.

“We need to convince the world in the near future that China is not going to provoke the US, but if the US comes to fight China in the Taiwan Straits or in the South China Sea, the PLA will have sufficient capacity to beat the hell out of them,” the Global Times wrote.

On Tuesday, Biden discussed the importance of cyber security in the country and warned the US could enter a “real shooting war” with a “major power” if an attack were to happen.

On his first visit to the Office of the Director of National Intelligence since he came into power, the US President issued a warning that stressed cyber threat concerns from Russia and China.

Cyber security is a top priority for the Biden administration following attacks on US companies, which have been blamed on Russian and Chinese military hackers.

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China military

The Global Times has responded to the US President’s remark by urging China to gear up its defense (Image: Getty)

US and China

Hacking the technology firm Kaseya affected hundreds of businesses around the world (Image: Getty)

Mr Biden said: “I think it’s more than likely we’re going to end up, if we end up in a war — a real shooting war with a major power — it’s going to be as a consequence of a cyberbreach of great consequence.

“And it’s increasing exponentially, the capabilities.”

Companies such as software company SolarWinds, Colonial Pipeline company, meat processing company JBS and tech firm Kaseya have all been subject to a cyber attack.

In some cases the cyberattacks of these companies affected fuel and food supplies in the entire country.


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China military power

China military power (Image: Express)

Hacking the technology firm Kaseya affected hundreds of businesses around the world.

Just earlier this month, China was accused of a cyber attack that affected many entities including Microsoft.

The US and its allies, the UK and EU, blamed China for the cyber attack that affected at least 30,000 organisations around the world.

“We believe that cyber-operators working under the control of Chinese intelligence learned about the Microsoft vulnerability in early January, and were racing to exploit the vulnerability before [it] was widely identified in the public domain,” a security source told the BBC.

However, China has denied all allegations of cyber attacks.

Harry Byrne

Harry Byrne

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