Wildfires MAPPED: Huge wildfires burning across Greece, Turkey and Italy – MAPS

Greece struck with huge wildfires as temperatures soar

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Wildfires are burning across Italy, Spain, Greece and Turkey amid a scorching heatwave which unleashed temperatures above 40C. The death toll for the fires is growing each day with at least eight according to the latest reports. Authorities say most fires are contained in Turkey now but firefighters across the Meditteranean countries are still fighting the blazes.

More than 100 fires in Turkey are now under control after authorites spent a fifth consecutive day on Sunday battling the blazes.

Several holiday destinations in Turkey have been hit with fires, including Antalya and Mugla.

Residents and tourists fled the danger in small boats while the coast guard and two navy ships waited out at sea in case a bigger evacuation was needed.

The death toll from wildfires on Turkey’s southern coast rose to eight on Sunday, with fires continuing to burn in several coastal resort towns.

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Wildfires MAPPED: Wildfires

Wildfires MAPPED: Where are fires blazing around Europe right now? (Image: GLOBAL FOREST WATCH/GETTY)

Wildfires MAPPED: Fire map Europe

Wildfires MAPPED: Fires are blazing across Europe after a 40C heatwave (Image: GLOBAL FOREST WATCH)

Authorities in Turkey said blazes were still burning in Manavgat, Milas and in Marmaris.

In addition, Forestry Minister Bekir Pakdemirli said some citizens in these areas were evacuated to residential areas and hotels.

Infernos in the resort town of Bodrum prompted the evacuation of tourists and hotel staff by boat.

Plumes of smoke filled the sky as the flames spread according to video footage.

Mr Pakdemirli said the flames had been contained by Sunday morning, however, the infernos had claimed the lives of five people in Manavgat and one person in Marmaris over recent days.

Wildfires MAPPED: Fires

Wildfires MAPPED: Authorities in Turket said most fires were under control (Image: GLOBAL FOREST WATCH)

Locals as well as support teams from Russia, Ukraine, Iran and Azerbaijan were deployed to help firefighters.

The Turkish Government has vowed to rebuild damaged homes and compensate for losses in areas affected by the fires.

The Forestry Minister added at least 13 planes, 45 helicopters, drones, and 828 fire-fighting vehicles were involved in firefighting efforts.

The European Union has sent in three fire-fighting planes, one from Croatia and two from Spain after Turkey activated a disaster response scheme, requesting assistance from other European countries.


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Wildfires MAPPED: Fire map

Wildfires MAPPED: Fires burning in Greece in the past few days (Image: GLOBAL FOREST WATCH)

At least five people have been wounded and holidaymakers have been evacuated in Italy after wildfires devastated a woodland area near Pescara.

A girl aged five was taken to hospital due to injuries sustained as a result of the fires – however, her condition is not believed to be life-threatening according to reports.

In total, 800 people have been evacuated after fires broke out in the Pineta Dannunziana nature reserve.

The mayor of Pescara Carlo Masci said: ” We had to evacuate several homes and beach resorts due to the smoke.

“The biggest problem is the hot wind. We are doing the best we can to limit the damage.”

On Saturday, firefighters said they were battling blazes for a second day straight.

The fires had reached the town of Catania, forcing people to leave their homes and the local airport to temporarily shut down.

Italy’s national fire service tweeted: “In the last 24 hours, firefighters have carried out more than 800 interventions: 250 in Sicily, 130 in Puglia and Calabria, 90 in Lazio and 70 in Campania.”

Wildfires MAPPED: Italy fires

Wildfires MAPPED: At least five people were wounded in Italy fires (Image: GLOBAL FOREST WATCH)

In Greece, wildfires are blazing across western areas of the country.

The infernos have destroyed houses, leaving 15 citizens in hospitals with breathing issues on Saturday according to Greek authorities.

A major blaze broke out early on Saturday near Patras in western Greece.

Five villages were evacuated and eight people were hospitalised – with regions in the area remaining on alert.

The mayor of the nearby village of Aigialeias, Dimitris Kalogeropoulos, called it “an immense catastrophe”.

Dozens of firefighters in Spain unsed water-dropping aircraft to battle fires which broke out on Saturday afternoon.

The flames erupted in the San Juan reservoir which is located 40 miles east of Madrid. 

Firefighters said yesterday they had managed to stabilise the blaze overnight but local authorities urged people to stay away from the reservoir, a popular bathing spot for residents of the Spanish capital.

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William Murphy

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