'We can save billions!' Nexit fury as bloc forces northern countries to 'finance south EU'

FURIOUS calls for the Netherlands to leave the EU have resurfaced after Bulgaria announced plans to increase pensions.

Netherlands politician calls for ‘Nexit’ referendum in 2016

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Nexit campaigners are calling for a way out from the EU’s shackles after Bulgaria, the poorest country in the bloc, announced plans to increase state pensions. The move would be financed by richer northern countries in the EU, the furious campaigners claimed.

The Nexit Denktak activists, hoping the Netherlands will soon follow the UK outside of the bloc, argued richer countries in the EU are “financing” Southern Europe, facilitating the implementation of socialist labour proposals at the expense of northern EU taxpayers.

They said: “Spain has a four-day working week, Italy a basic income and France a retirement age of 62.

“Now the poorest country in the EU, Bulgaria, is going to increase pensions in its own country.

“In the Netherlands, the retirement age continues to rise: we finance Southern Europe.”

nexit news netherlands leave eu news

Nexit campaigners are calling for a referendum on the EU (Image: GETTY)

eu news spain four day week work sanchez

EU news: Spain is trialling a four-day working week (Image: GETTY)

They continued: “Note: Spain is currently testing the four-day working week. It is not yet the case for everyone in Spain.

“The intention of the Spanish government is to introduce a four-day working week.

“If the retirement age in the Netherlands continues to rise at this rate, the retirement age in 2050 will be 69-70 years.

“Until then, we can save hundreds of billions by leaving the EU and use some of that money for our own pensions. Trade is not a problem.


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The campaigners had already lashed out at the bloc earlier this month after the latest Eurostat report on the expected duration of working life in the bloc revealed that the average duration of working life for 15-year olds in the European Union is now 35.7 years.

The data showed a big disparity between member states with Italy counting for the shortest duration (31.2 years) and northern states like Sweden, the Netherlands and Denmark respectively reaching 42, 41 and 40 years of labour.

Reacting to the report, the Nexit activists said: “On average, the Dutch/Swedes work the most in the EU. There is nothing wrong with that, as long as we do it for our own country.


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eu news eu budget mapped

EU budget mapped (Image: EXPRESS)

“In the EU we work and pay taxes for Southern Europe.

“What the Netherlands needs are trade agreements, not an EU in which we finance other countries.

“These regular wealth transfers called ‘solidarity’, through which we transfer hundreds of billions to Southern Europe, are only meant to keep the EU alive.

“This is not in the interest of the Netherlands, even if Rutte is lying (work/export).”

The EU report came after a new survey issued by Credit Suisse revealed almost half of the Dutch population has a net worth of about 8,000 euros.

The findings also sparked fury among those who are urging Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte to follow the UK out of the bloc.

Campaigners lashed out: “According to a survey by Credit Suisse, 45.1 percent of the Dutch have a net worth of less than about 8,000 euros.

“That does not stop the Dutch government from spending our tax money to realise the EU project and to finance other countries.”

Roy Walsh

Roy Walsh

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