US must show leadership! Joe Biden told to stand up to China to keep 'world order'

JOE BIDEN has been urged to stand up and show leadership against China post-Covid.

US: Tobias Ellwood discusses ‘keeping world order’

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Tory MP and Chair of the House of Commons Defence Select Committee, Tobias Ellwood, argued the West needs to remain united in combatting China’s aggression. During an interview with, Mr Ellwood insisted Joe Biden and the US was crucial to standing up to China and maintaining world order. He added if the US does not settle into this role it becomes more difficult for other western allies to stand up to the powerful nation.

Mr Ellwood said: “I think the post-Covid world we will emerge from is going to be very different from what we have had in the past.

“I should say we have allowed this to happen, to some degree.

“The West has been a bit risk-averse, if we look at Donald Trump, he had no interest in building alliances.

“He almost pulled the US out of NATO, it came very close to this important military alliance collapsing without the US.

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Joe Biden news latest China update

Joe Biden urged to stand up to China as Beijing to cause chaos for nations in fightback (Image: GETTY)

Joe Biden US China Beijing news latest war aggression update military vn

Joe Biden has been ordered to stand up and show leadership against China post-Covid. (Image: Sky News )

“If the US does not play a leading role it is very difficult for other nations to then continue playing a responsible global role against China to keeping world order.

“Afghanistan is perhaps the best example of that.

“As soon as the US chose to leave everybody else had to follow suit.

“We are seeing the consequences of that.

China XI Joe Biden latest update

Mr Ellwood insisted that at this stage, there was a need for international leadership. (Image: GETTY)

Chinese military ‘live-fire exercise’ in South China Sea in May

“Under Joe Biden, there is now a revision here and I think the G7 summit was the interesting regrouping of what we all stand for and believe in.”

Mr Ellwood insisted that at this stage, there was a need for international leadership.

He said he was hopeful Brexit Britain would fill this void but also noted some of the key reasons preventing this. 

He said: “Going back to the risk adverseness of the West, there is a gap in the market for international leadership.


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“Britain is in a strong position to show some leadership, certainly working with the United States.

“My concern is that Britain just doesn’t have the bandwidth whether it be Covid or Brexit.

“To do the global Britain you really need to advance the wider capacity, you need to be able to better coordinate our foreign policy, our security, our trade and our interests into better grand strategies.

“At the moment it is far too siloed, far too hesitant.”

It comes as Beijing and Washington have exchanged brutal warnings to each other in recent months, particularly over the US’ involvement in the contested South China Sea. 

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