US facing 'pandemic among unvaccinated', Fauci warns – 'Going in wrong direction'

THE US is facing “a pandemic among the unvaccinated”, a leading health official has warned.

UK coronavirus cases increase by a further 39,906

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Dr Anthony Fauci said new Covid cases were surging in areas of the country with low vaccination rates. He pleaded with unvaccinated people to go out and get their Covid jabs before it becomes too late. Southern states have some of the lowest vaccination rates in the US and are being particularly hard hit, as the Delta variant rips through the country.

Joe Biden’s chief medical adviser told CNN: “It’s really an outbreak among the unvaccinated.

“So this is an issue, predominantly among the unvaccinated, which is the reason why we’re out there practically pleading with the unvaccinated people to go out and get vaccinated.”

The US had seen its coronavirus infections rates dramatically fall after the successful rollout of its vaccination campaign earlier this year.

Dr Fauci

Dr Fauci (Image: Getty)

Dr Fauci and Joe Biden

Dr Fauci and Joe Biden (Image: Getty)

However, since April vaccination uptake has dropped off and new cases have started to rise again throughout the nation.

“We’re going in the wrong direction,” Dr Fauci told CNN’s Jake Tapper.

“If you look at the inflection of the curve of new cases and as you said in the run in to this interview, that it is among the unvaccinated, and since we have 50 percent of the country not fully vaccinated, that’s a problem, particularly when you have a variant, like delta, which has this extraordinary characteristic of being able to spread very efficiently and very easily from person to person.

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Covid in the US

Covid in the US (Image: Getty)

“And we know we have many, many, many vulnerable people in this country who are unvaccinated.”

Data from the the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) shows more than 162.7 million Americans are vaccinated – or 49 percent of the population.

Dr Fauci urged local leaders, particularly in areas with low jab rates, to persuade people to get vaccinated.

He highlighted recent work undertaken by two of his prominent Republican critics – a Louisiana representative, Steve Scalise, and the governor of Florida, Ron DeSantis.


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Dr Fauci

Dr Fauci (Image: Getty)

“​​I was very heartened to hear people like Steve Scalise come out and say, ‘Hey, we’ve got to get vaccinated,’” Dr Fauci said.

“Governor DeSantis right now in Florida is saying the same thing.

“We’ve got to get more people who relate well to the individuals who are not getting vaccinated to get out there and encourage them to get vaccinated.”

Cases in Florida are currently the highest they have been since January.

William Murphy

William Murphy

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