Tropical Storm Ida MAPPED: Storm to make devastating 4-day exit off Atlantic coast

Hurricane Ida batters Louisiana as it makes landfall across US

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Tropical Storm Ida made landfall as a hurricane over the weekend as one of the most devastating storms of 2021. The system peeled off the Gulf of Mexico and set upon the nearby US coast around Louisiana and Mississippi, bringing floods and extreme winds. While Ida has since lost some momentum, NOAA officials fear it could pick up the pace again as it concludes its path of the US off the Atlantic coast.

The latest NOAA advisory states maximum winds have been sustained at 57mph, with occasional gusts pushing 80mph.

As such, the organisation has discontinued many of its hurricane warnings.

Storm surge and tropical storm warnings remain from Louisiana to the Alabama-Florida border and around to New Orleans.

The latest changes capture Ida’s sustained “rapid weakening”, which the NOAA expects will continue as it becomes a tropical depression.

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Tropical Storm Ida map hurricane path track Atlantic

Tropical Storm Ida MAPPED: Storm to make devastating 4-day exit off Atlantic coast (Image: NOAA)

Tropical Storm Ida MAPPED: Ida path

Tropical Storm Ida MAPPED: Tropical storm Ida’s path through the US this week (Image: NOAA)

They expect the shift by this evening in the US, but the storm will linger for a few days.

The NOAA’s forecast specifies the storm is following a path out to the Atlantic.

The latest maps show as a depression, Ida will move over several more states before revisiting the Atlantic.

Affected states on the radar include Alabama, Tennessee, Kentucky, West Virginia, Virginia, Delaware, Maryland, Connecticut and New Jersey.

Tropical Storm Ida MAPPED: Tropical storm Ida

Tropical Storm Ida MAPPED: The latest warnings for Tropical storm Ida (Image: NOAA)

During this time, residents of the states in this path will likely see the remnants of Ida’s severe weather.

The NOAA has forecast “damaging winds” this morning, which, after briefly settling, will pick up towards the coast.

The forecast reads: “Ida is likely to weaken to a tropical depression this evening.

“Some slight restrengthening as an extratropical storm is possible when Ida moves over the western Atlantic in the day 4 to 5 period.”


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Tropical Storm Ida MAPPED: Rainfall

Tropical Storm Ida MAPPED: Rainfall totals according to the NOAA (Image: NOAA)

Tropical Storm Ida MAPPED: Flash floods

Tropical Storm Ida MAPPED: Maps show flash flooding potential across the US (Image: NOAA)

“In addition, heavy rains will spread northward and then northeastward along the forecast track.”

Many of the worst conditions will fall over already affected areas.

Per the NOAA forecast, “heavy rainfall” will continue across “portions of southeast Louisiana, coastal Mississippi, and southwestern Alabama”.

The rain could result in “considerable to life-threatening flash and urban flooding” and “significant” floods along rivers.

The rainfall will continue on this track until Tuesday morning.

And as Ida continues to move, impacts will spread across several states.

Some of these will last into the coming Wednesday, September 1.

The forecast states: “As Ida moves inland, considerable flooding impacts are possible across portions of the Lower Mississippi Valley, Tennessee Valley, Ohio Valley, Central and Southern Appalachians, and Mid-Atlantic through Wednesday.”

Roy Walsh

Roy Walsh

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