Taliban execute woman 'for not wearing burka' as extremists mark prominent females' doors

THE TALIBAN has allegedly shot and killed a woman for leaving her home without a burka.

Taliban spokesman: Anything against Islam will not be accepted

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According to Fox News, a woman was killed on the streets of Taloqan in northeastern Afghanistan after she left her home without wearing a burka. A photo of the alleged execution was published by the news organisation today and shows the woman lying in a pool of blood as her parents and other members of the public crouch around her.

It comes after Taliban spokesman, Suhail Shaheen, said women would be expected to wear the hijab, covering their head and neck, but not a burka that covers their entire body, because “that is Islamic rules” and it is “for their security”.

The group has also promised that the rights of Afghan women would be respected “within the framework of Islamic law”.

Shaheen told Sky News: “We are committed to women’s rights, to education, to work and to freedom of speech, in the light of our Islamic rules.

“All people should be equal… and there should not be discrimination in society”.

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The Taliban has allegedy shot and killed a woman for leaving her home without a burka. (Image: PA)

In a stark contradiction, it has been reported that Taliban militants have been marking the doors of prominent Afghan women.

Homira Rezai, who grew up in Afghanistan until she was 13 and now lives in Dudley, told BBC Women’s Hour: “I received an update from Kabul where they are going house to house searching for women who had a role in the development of civil society in Afghanistan.

“They are going door to door targeting those women and marking the doors with bright-coloured paint to ensure ‘this is the house we need to come back to and do something about them’.”


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Afghan women wearing burkas

A burka covers the entire body and face. (Image: Getty)

Elsewhere in Kabul, an Afghan and former State Department contractor reportedly told Fox News that Taliban fighters had set up checkpoints throughout the capital.

He said that these checkpoints were being used to beat civilians who were trying to get to the airport to flee the country. He was quoted as saying: “There was kids, women, babies, old women, they could barely walk.

“The Taliban [were] beating people and the people were jumping from the fence, the concertina wire, and also the wall.”

Harry Byrne

Harry Byrne

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