Storm Ida chaos: DOLPHIN spotted swimming through floodwater after 'historic' US flooding

A DOLPHIN has been captured on video swimming through flooded waters in Slidell, Louisiana, after Hurricane Ida flash floods caused havoc.

Dolphin swims through floodwater in Louisiana

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The footage shows the dolphin’s fin popping up out of the water as it slowly makes its way through the flooded neighbourhood. Louisiana resident Amanda Huling told Fox 35 Orlando that she was looking at the destruction caused after the storm when she spotted the creature. Slidell is across Lake Pontchartrain from New Orleans. Ms Huling was looking around when she spotted a dorsal fin popping out of the water’s surface a few times and quickly took out her phone to start videoing the bizarre phenomenon.

It was hard to assess the extent of the flooding in the area where the dolphin was spotted, but trees can be seen sticking up out of the water’s surface.

City Mayor Greg Cromer told Fox News the city was subject to severe flooding, leaving over a million people without power and many in need of rescue as they were stranded on rooftops.

He also warned that other animals may show up in the floodwaters, particularly alligators.

This came after a man’s right arm was bitten off as his wife witnessed the horrifying event near Slidell too.

Ida damage

The storm reached 172mph winds and is the fifth strongest to ever reach the US mainland (Image: PA)


There were also tornadoes that hit areas of Pennsylvania and New Jersey. (Image: PA)

The man’s body is still being searched for.

It has now been confirmed that seven people have died because of the storm.

Coastal areas have been especially vulnerable to the storm, including the small towns of Jean Lafitte, Barataria, and lower Lafitte.

US President Joe Biden had earlier declared a major disaster in the state, releasing extra funds for rescue and recovery efforts.

He said on Monday that the US federal government would “stand with the people of the Gulf [Coast] for as long as it takes for you to recover”.

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New York

It is now causing flooding in New York (Image: PA)

The storm has become weakened and is now being described as a slow-moving tropical depression, but earlier stages of its arrival marked one of the most powerful storms in US history.

It had reached winds of up to 172mph and is the fifth strongest to ever reach the US mainland.

It is now causing flooding in New York, leaving residents trapped in their homes as floodwaters ripped through the streets, subways and train lines, including in New York City.

NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio declared a state of emergency on Wednesday night due to what he called a “historic weather event” with record-breaking rain across the city leading to flooding and dangerous conditions on the roads.


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Ida from space

The storm has weakened and is now a slow-moving tropical depression (Image: PA)

New york

The storm has flooded New York subway stations (Image: PA)

At least five flash-flood emergencies were issued on Wednesday evening by the National Weather Service, stretching from just west of Philadelphia through northern New Jersey.

There were also tornadoes that hit areas of Pennsylvania and New Jersey.

This destroyed 10 homes in New Jersey.

William Murphy

William Murphy

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