Stolen Belgian Shepherd puppy emotionally reunited with owner eight months later

The Frenchman instantly drove to collect his long-lost hound, where dog rescue staff filmed Bandit and Farid reunite.

During the heartwarming clip, the dog is seen walking out of a van, where he appears to instantly recognise his owner.

Farid then bends down with his arms wide open to which Bandit excitedly jumps up and wags his tail upon being hugged.

Since uploading Banit and Farid’s reunion to YouTube, the touching clip has been watched more than 100,000 times.

As the loving scene plays out, the video, which has French subtitles, roughly translates: “An animal will show you unconditional love, if you want to take care of them. They will know how to return the favour without hesitation.

“This story teaches us one thing is that an animal does not forget everything that we have been able to give it.”

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