State pension credit: You could be missing out on hundreds extra – how to claim

PENSION CREDIT is a benefit designed to give people extra money to top-up retirement income for people past the state pension age (SPA) who are on a low income.

Martin Lewis discusses pension credit ‘top-up’

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Pensioners who receive the benefit could also get money towards TV license costs although figures suggest many are failing to claim for benefits they are entitled to.

The amount that people will be entitled to depends on their current income as well as their total savings and capital invested.

People’s state pension, private pension(s), most other benefits, earnings and savings over £10,000 will be taken into account when the Pension Credit is calculated.

To be eligible for Pension Credit, a claimant must be living in England, Scotland or Wales and have reached their state pension age before applying.

If someone has a partner, then their combined income will be the figure calculated.

The Pension Credit will top-up income to £177.10 for people who are single.

Pension Credit

Make sure you’re not missing out on potentially thousands of pounds a year (Image: Getty)

Joint weekly income will be topped-up to £270.30 for claimants with a partner.

However, if someone’s income is higher, they may still be entitled to the credit if they are disabled or have caring responsibilities, in which case they are entitled to extra support.

Despite having help openly available, the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) says many people are not claiming the benefits they are entitled to.

It has been reported that as many as two in five don’t claim Pension Credit despite being entitled to financial support.


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They advised people to make sure relatives who may be entitled to the benefit are aware so they aren’t losing out.

Pension Credit claimants may also be entitled to help with their TV license if they are aged over-75.

The application process for the Pension Credit can be started up to four months before one reaches their SPA.

After the SPA is reached, an application for the benefit can be started anytime, although claims can only be backdated by up to three months.


What is the state pension? (Image: Express)

People entitled to the Pension Credit can also get help in other areas, such as:

Housing Benefit: For people who rent their accommodation

Support for Mortgage Interest: For those who do own the property they live in

Council Tax reduction

Free TV license for over-75s

Help with NHS dental and optical treatment as well as support with transport costs

Help with heating costs

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