Riot police storm Paris station as fire erupts in Lyon in angry protests against Macron

FRANCE has erupted in protest at Emmanuel Macron’s Covid vaccine passport policy as police clash with protestors in Lyon and Paris.

Paris Protests: riot police and protesters storm the Metro

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Covid vaccine protests have erupted across France as Emmanuel Macron faces a public backlash over the French Government’s handling of the pandemic. Police in Paris and Lyon have clashed with angry demonstrators who gathered in protest on Saturday at the country’s Covid health pass law which requires people to have a certificate of vaccination in order to enter public areas such as cafes, public transport, or shops.

Protestors have taken to the streets in Lyon in large numbers, with police reportedly firing tear gas in a bid to prevent the march’s progress.

Footage of social media shows hundreds of demonstrators making their way through streets black with tear gas.

In the background, objects can be seen being hurled at police lines.

Meanwhile, a separate clip appears to show French police officers attempting to confront a large mob of demonstrators inside a Paris metro station.

Protests erupt in Lyon over France's Covid health pass law

Protests erupt in Lyon over France’s Covid health pass law (Image: Twitter)

Paris Protests: riot police and protesters storm the Metro

Paris Protests: riot police and protesters storm the Metro (Image: Twitter)

Riot police can be seen confronting protestors in the Châtelet metro station in the heart of Paris.

Shocked commuters can be seen heading up the escalators as the French police charge down to confront the protestors.

Demonstrators unfurled a banner in the station and began charing anti-vaccine pass slogans.

The clashes mark the eighth consecutive weekend of protests against France’s Covid-19 health pass.

Emmanuel Macron portrait smashed by protestors in Poitiers

Last weekend a total of 160,000 people took part in Covid vaccine protests across France according to the country’s interior ministry

By the evening of Saturday, authorities had logged 222 separate protest actions, according to France 24.

Emmanuel Macron: A profile

Emmanuel Macron: A profile (Image: Express)

It comes as a new report published by the European Council on Foreign Relations highlighted growing discontent over Macron’s Covid restrictions.

The report read: “In France, the pandemic has led to striking changes of political philosophy in the main governing and opposition parties. This is the ‘nonbinary democracy’.

“The crisis has driven the liberal supporters of Emmanuel Macron’s centrist political platform to support highly interventionist state action, with 89 percent of those who expressed an opinion believing that the restrictions were either right or not strict enough.

“Meanwhile, among the current supporters of Marine Le Pen, whose party has often sought a more authoritarian state, almost one-third (33 percent) of those who expressed their opinion think that the restrictions were too strict and hence want their party to pose as a tribune of freedom against the repressive power of the pandemic state.”

William Murphy

William Murphy

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