Premium Bonds: NS&I prize checker updated – have you won in the August 2021 draw?

PREMIUM BONDS results have been released for August 2021, with two millionaire winners being announced yesterday. NS&I have now also updated its prize checker tool, allowing all bondholders to check on the results.

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Premium Bonds provide holders with the chance to win up to £1million in monthly prize draws. Yesterday, NS&I released details on the two millionaire winners for August.

The first millionaire winner was a female from Devon, who had £1,001 invested in Premium Bonds.

Her winning bond number is 404KX510146 and the winning bond was bought in July 2020.

The second jackpot winner was also a woman based in Wales.

She had £10,051 invested in Premium Bonds and the winning number is 202ZQ082477, which was bought in March 2013.

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Prize checker

NS&I have updated its prize checker (Image: GETTY)

On top of the £1million prizes, a number of other Premium Bond holders would have won other high value prizes.

Prizes start at £25, and higher value prizes range between £5,000 and £100,000.

Many are likely to benefit from these prizes as in August, there were over 3.2 million prizes available.

The prize fund itself for August also topped £92million.


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To allow all these holders to check on their potential winnings, NS&I has now updated its prize checker tool for the August draw.

This tool enables Premium Bond holders to check on their specific bond number to see if they have secured any winnings.

To check on this, all people will need to do is enter their holder’s number into the tool and click “Go.”

NS&I explained: “All your Premium Bonds are grouped together under a unique holder’s number.


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“You can find your holder’s number on your Bond record or by logging into our online service.

“Your holder’s number either has 10 or nine digits – or eight digits followed by a letter.”

On top of the prize checker, which can be used online or through a downloaded app, bond holders can also check if they’ve won through an Amazon Alexa enabled device.

NS&I explained Alexa will be able to tell holders whether or not they have won a prize each month, how much it is worth, when the next prize draw is and if they have any unclaimed prizes.

To get started with this, people will need to open the “Skill” on the Alexa app.

From here they’ll need their NS&I number or holder’s number.

Up to 10 NS&I numbers or holder numbers can be entered into the Alexa app.

To make it easier for users who will be checking each month, they’ll get the opportunity to choose a nickname for each one, which means they won’t need to remember all the different numbers involved.

Roy Walsh

Roy Walsh

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