Overused lockdown phrase “You're on mute” blasted into space – in bid to make it history

Audio company sends ‘you’re on mute’ into space

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Now the audio brand Pioneer has fought back by launching a loudspeaker into space while playing the words “You’re on mute!” on a loop in English, French, Italian, German and Spanish.

Remote working has created many new loathed expressions such as “You’re on mute” which we’re all tired of hearing

Kristian Van Haute, Pioneer Pro Audio

After blasting off from Sheffield it reached an altitude of 32,645m and temperatures of -60C before dropping back down to earth.

The XY-2 speaker re-entered the atmosphere at speeds of 250mph before touching down just outside Retford, Notts, following a 2hr 26mins flight.

The intergalactic audio journey comes as research of 2,000 “work from home” adults found 51 percent have faced the embarrassment of being told “you’re on mute” in the past year.

Another 44 percent feel second-hand embarrassment at having to say it to others on a call.

Almost a quarter (23 percent) say they’ve heard the phrase every single working day since the first lockdown in March 2020.

The annoying lockdown phrase was blasted into space on a loop in five languages (Image: SWNS)

Kristian Van Haute, from Pioneer Pro Audio, said: “The past year has been challenging to say the least.

“The closure of the events and nightlife industries has been incredibly difficult for all of us, including Pioneer Pro Audio.

“Everyone has experienced fundamental changes to the way they work, socialise and connect.

“Remote working has created many new loathed expressions such as ‘You’re on mute’ which we’re all tired of hearing.

“As the world starts to open up, we wanted to commemorate this historic moment, by blasting one of the most tiresome phrases into space via our iconic XY-2 loudspeakers.”

“You’re On Mute” was also ranked third in a list of the most annoying work expressions, which featured ”Can you all hear me?”, “Oh we lost you there”, “Can everyone see my screen?”, and “Sorry, I have bad Wi-Fi”.

The video in full can be viewed here


  1. “Can you all hear me?”
  2. “Oh, we lost you there”
  3. “You’re on mute”
  4. “Sorry, I have bad Wi-Fi”
  5. “Please can you just mute if you’re not speaking”
  6. “Ah, technology”
  7. “What a nice background you’ve got!”
  8. “We’ll catch up offline”
  9. “I’ll get it to you by end of play”
  10. “Can everyone see my screen?”
Roy Walsh

Roy Walsh

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