Oh no, Remainers! Britons could be BARRED from living in EU as Barnier proposes new law

EU-LOVING Britons could be barred from living in their cherished bloc after Michel Barnier suggested freedom of movement “does not work”.

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Brussels’ former chief Brexit negotiator insisted that lessons need to be learned after a failed asylum seeker was accused of murdering the Catholic priest who was sheltering him. Mr Barnier went on to suggest that the bloc could “suspend immigration” for between three and five years to address the issue.

If realised, the rules would affect UK citizens wishing to move to continental Europe after the UK was freed from Brussels’ shackles in January.

While the temporary ban would be unlikely to affect the vast majority of UK residents – rampant europhiles who have vowed to leave “racist” Brexit Britain may now be left spitting feathers.

Mr Barnier, who is preparing to take on French President Emmanuel Macron in next year’s election, said: “I think we have to take the time for three or five years to suspend immigration.”

He added: “Overall, immigration policy does not work in Europe as it does not work in France. That’s why I’m making this moratorium proposal.

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Michel Barnier

Michel Barnier’s comments will outrage Remainers (Image: Getty)

TWITTER / Bruno Retailleau

Father Olivier Maire (Image: TWITTER / Bruno Retailleau)

“I try to be honest and address issues that are extremely serious.

“Let’s take the time to reconsider procedures that are not working.

“Let’s see why we still have people who committed crimes.

“I’m obviously thinking of Father Olivier Maire, who was assassinated two days ago, and I don’t want to use this dramatic case, but we have to learn a lesson from it.”


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Emmanuel Macron

Mr Barnier is gearing up to take on Mr Macron next year (Image: Getty)

Father Maire was offering sanctuary to a 40-year-old Rwandan migrant when he was murdered.

The unnamed man had been suspected of the arson attack on the Cathedral of Nantes last June and recently had an application for asylum to the French Republic rejected.

Yesterday the man turned himself in to French Police who said they are treating him as a suspect in the ongoing investigation.

A post mortem has since revealed that Father Maire died from “violent blows” to the head, according to the prosecutor of La-Roche-sur-Yon.

Angela Merkel

German Chancellor Angela Merkel is a proponent of freedom of movement (Image: Getty)

“The victim had six lesions, all to the head, inflicted by violent blows,” an autopsy report said.

It was unable to determine the weapon used to strike the priest.

Pope Francis also addressed the priest’s tragic demise in a sermon this week.

The pontiff said: “I learned of the murder of Father Olivier Maire with great sorrow.

Michel Barnier

The former eurocrat spoke after the priest’s murder (Image: Getty)

“I extend my condolences to the religious community of the Monfortians in Saint-laurent-sur-Sèvre, Vendée, to his family and to all Catholics in France.”

Mr Barnier has previously warned that voters are “angry” about new arrivals on the Continent.

Additional reporting by Maria Ortega.

Roy Walsh

Roy Walsh

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