'No other country would do this' Tory peer rips into China for blocking second Wuhan probe

FURY has erupted after China rejected a second investigation by the World Health Organisation (WHO) into the origins of coronavirus.

China ‘uncooperative’ in covid investigations says expert

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Speaking to LBC’s Nick Ferrari, Conservative peer and science writer Lord Ridley, who has campaigned for more clarity over the origins of covid, erupted in fury as it was revealed China do not want any more investigations into the virus. Lord Ridley slammed the Chinese for continued attempts to stifle cooperation and highlighted how “no other country” would behave in the way China has beaved. He added how “if they’re covering up nothing, there’s all the more reason to be transparent”. His comments come as on Friday, the World Health Organization called for all countries to work together to investigate the origins of the coronavirus that caused COVID-19, a day after China rejected their plans.

Lord Ridley said: “The position of China is truly extraordinary on this.

“If any other country had an outbreak of a virus that went on to kill millions of people.

“And refused cooperate with an investigation of the laboratory [Wuhan Institute of Virology] working on the closest related virus in the world.

“We would be pretty shocked!”

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Wuhan Institute of Virology

The Wuhan Institute of Virology is where many believe covid broke out from (Image: Getty Images)

WHO investigation

WHO investigators visited China back in March (Image: Getty Images)

Lord Ridley went on to brand China for its lack of cooperation with the World Health Organisation’s investigations and attempts to cover up information and data leaks surrounding covid.

The Tory peer said: “But at every stage, China has been extraordinarily uncooperative.

“They clamped down on information very early, they persecuted whistleblowers.

“They savagely criticised Australia when it called for an independent inquiry.”

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Xi Jinping

Xi Jinping is not cooperating with investigations into the origins of Coronavirus (Image: Getty Images)

And in a sobering moment, Lord Ridley highlighted how the Chinese authorities even “changed the name of the closest related bat virus” in suspicious circumstances.

He explained they did this so the world “could not track down the origins” of the virus.

The Tory peer also highlighted how the previous “farcical investigation” by the WHO into covid origins was plagued by constant interventions from the Chinese government who prevented investigators from going to certain facilities and instead were just “bussed around town”.

The trip was followed by the publication of a WHO report which scientists branded a “whitewash” for its covid findings.


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Western Nations give billions to the WHO (Image: Express.co.uk)

“And not told about the early cases, the crucial point is they have never told us who were the early cases.

“Where did they live and what were their professions?”

Coronavirus has killed an astonishing 4.16 million people since the outbreak started over 18-months ago.

There have been 194 million recorded cases of the virus.

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