Mortgage warning as buyer loses £60,000 to fraudsters – 'It was incredibly traumatic'

VICTIM of mortgage fraud, Amy Selling, lost £60,000 due to third party interference.

Woman describes how she lost £60k to mortgage fraud

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Ms Selling spoke about her situation to Claire MacPhail and Tony Rimmer on the Barclays Mortgage Insider Podcast. She said: “It was incredibly traumatic. You’ve lost your life savings and I had some inheritance added to that as well.


Victim lost £60,000 due to third party interference. (Image: GETTY)

As a business development manager, Claire mentioned that there are instances that brokers have been in contact with her because of email interceptions.

Third parties will interfere with a company’s email system which has had a drastic effect on the outcome for their clients.

Amy went on to discuss her situation.

“I was transferring £60,000 to pay for my deposit on my new house and I emailed my solicitor – everything is done on email because I was working full time.


“I asked for their bank account details and an email came immediately back from them.

“The email had their email address with their footer etc giving me the bank account details. I then forwarded that to my investment manager who duly paid it to them.

“I hadn’t heard anything for a couple of hours which I thought was quite unusual, so I called my solicitor, and he had no idea of sending an email.”

Mortgage fraud does come in many different forms so people should be aware.


Customers are tricked into sending their mortgage deposit to the wrong bank account (Image: GETTY)

The email traffic between the customer and the solicitor can be intercepted.

The customer is then tricked into sending the deposit funds to the wrong bank account.

Ms Selling continued: “Somebody hacked into the solicitors email system but there was no way I was able to notice that it was from somebody else.

“Unfortunately, I had to take my solicitors to court as that was where the beach of security was.

“They were great solicitors … but that they have since gone under.

“I am very aware that this as ruined some more lives, but somebody had to pay for it.

“We managed to settle out of court but unfortunately, I lost about £10,000.

“But I did manage to get the house so that was a relief.”

Roy Walsh

Roy Walsh

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