Moment Boris Johnson rolls his eyes at Keir Starmer's comment on his care worker sister

KEIR STARMER lashed out at Boris Johnson’s plan to reform social care resulting in the Prime Minister shaking his head and rolling his eyes.

Boris Johnson ‘shakes his head’ during Keir Starmer’s speech

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Labour Party leader Sir Keir Starmer snapped at Boris Johnson after his speech on how the Tory Government planned to resolve the issues plaguing social care. Mr Johnson announced that there would be an increase to National Insurance tax, including those above the age of 65. Sir Keir outlined what this plan would mean for millions of workers across the country, including his “poorly paid” care worker sister. 

During Sir Keir’s tirade, Boris Johnson continued to shake his head and roll his eyes at the Labour leader’s comments. 

Sir Keir said: “Under the Prime Minister’s plans the quality of care received will not improve.

“There is no plan for that, people will still go without the care they need, there is no plan for that.

“Unpaid family carers will still be pushed to breaking point, there is no plan for that.

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Boris Johnson social care keir starmer latest

Moment Boris rolls his eyes at Keir Starmer’s comment on his sister care worker (Image: PTV)

Keir Starmer social care news latest update

Keir Starmer lashed out at Boris Johnson’s plan to reform social care (Image: PTV)

“Working aged adults with disabilities will have no more control under their lives, there is no plan for that.

“Pay and conditions will not improve for care workers, there is no plan for that.

“A poorly paid care worker will pay more tax for the care that they are providing without a penny more in their pay packet and without a secure contract.

Sir Keir then interrupted his speech after seeing Mr Johnson’s reaction.

Boris Johnson news social care keir starmer speech

During his speech to the House of Commons, Boris Johnson admitted that he would be breaking his elec (Image: PTV)

Boris Johnson announces 1.25% national insurance increase

He said: “The Prime Minister shakes his head.

“My sister is a poorly paid care worker so I know this first hand.”

Cheers can then be heard from those on the Labour bench.

During his speech to the House of Commons, Boris Johnson admitted that he would be breaking his election to pledge with the introduction of this tax. 


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National insurance news latest

How national insurance works (Image: BBC/ Express)

The Prime Minister announced a new “health and social care levy” to tackle the social care crisis ignored by successive governments for years.

The tax hike will see Britons and employers paying an additional 1.25 percent in national insurance a year.

 It means someone earning £24,100 a year will be forced to cough up an extra £180 to the taxman, while someone earning £67,100 will pay an extra £715.

William Murphy

William Murphy

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