Macron sparks confusion as mystery surrounds French President's Covid vaccine

CONFUSION reigns over the date on which Emmanuel Macron received his first dose of a coronavirus vaccine, with health insurance data suggesting he was actually jabbed on July 13, and not May 31, as France’s President had previously claimed.

Emmanuel Macron portrait smashed by protestors in Poitiers

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However, a spokesman for the French government insisted the uncertainty stemmed from a “human error” and that and wife did indeed receive their injections at the end of May, as indicated. took to Twitter on May 31, simply posting the word “Vaccine!” in a move widely understood to indicate he had received his first jab on the same day vaccinations became available for all people over the ages of 18.

Prior to then, all people aged 18 to 49 without health issues were only permitted to book next-day appointments to be vaccinated with spare doses.

The investigative website Mediapart obtained insurance documents suggesting Mr Macron had in fact been vaccinated on July 13, the day after his controversial speech unveiling details of France’s health passport scheme, whereby people are required to prove they have a negative Covid test in order to access bars, restaurants, cafes and shopping centres.

Mediapart also requested the batch number of the Pfizer vaccine received by Mr Macron or the date of signature by the person administering it – but no information has yet been supplied.

Emmanuel Macron

Emmanuel Macron has caused confusion over the date of his vaccine (Image: GETTY)

Prime Minister Jean Castex

Prime Minister Jean Castex was photographed getting his jab (Image: GETTY)

Despite Mr Macron’s tweet, no pictures of either he or his wife receiving their vaccinations was published, in contrast to Prime Minister Jean Castex, Minister of Health Olivier Véran and Secretary of State Olivia Grégoire.

Nevertheless, Mr Macron’s spokesman insisted the confusion stemmed from “an error with the dates pre-filled in the forms.

“It is as simple as that, a human error.”

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Emmanuel Macron

Emmanuel Macron addresses the nation (Image: GETTY)

The registration of the head of state’s vaccination, which is done via an online form sent to the Health Insurance, was apparently not completed until July 13, the spokesman explained.

However, the person completing the form omitted to specify that the vaccination had been carried out on May 31, explaining why the President’s QR code shows the date of July 13.

Mr Macron’s one-word tweet has prompted plenty of scepticism, especially in recent days.


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Paris coronavirus

Mr Macron’s health passport plans have triggered widespread protests (Image: GETTY)

Coronavirus France

Medical staff take care of a patient, infected with Covid-19 upon his arrival by plane to Strasbourg (Image: GETTY)

One Twitter user posted on August 23: “It really is the hollowest tweet of your five-years Manu.

“For 3 reasons: 1. You can’t prove it’s true. 2. We don’t care. 3. Even if we didn’t give a damn and it was true, it’s all up to you and no one should share their medical life.”

Émilie Cauquil asked: “Vaccinated when then?

Coronavirus statistics worldwide

Coronavirus statistics worldwide (Image: Express)

“1) The day after the great blackmail of July 12. 2) The opening day for all adults on May 31. 3) Never?”

Both Emmanuel Macron and his wife tested positive for COVID-19 in December.

During his speech last month, Mr Macron also issued a vaccine mandate for certain professions.

Emmanuel Macron Brigitte Macron

Emmanuel and Brigitte Macron pictured at the G7 summit in Cornwall (Image: GETTY)

In a televised address he said: “For health and non-health workers in hospitals, clinics, retirement homes, establishments for people with disabilities, for all professionals and volunteers who work in contact with elderly or vulnerable people, including in their homes, the vaccine will become obligatory.”

He added: “Depending on the evolution of the situation, we will without doubt have to consider obligatory vaccines for everyone in France.

“But I am making the choice to trust, and I am solemnly calling upon all our fellow citizens who aren’t vaccinated to go get vaccinated as soon as possible.”

(Additional reporting by Maria Ortega)

William Murphy

William Murphy

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