'Late and disorderly' EU savaged for threatening eurozone with delayed Covid action

EU slammed by MEP for ‘disorderly’ actions on travel

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Spanish MEP Pablo Arias Echeverria argued the lack of coordination in the European Union has caused many problems. While speaking to Euronews he argued the EU would have fewer issues to deal with now if it handled the coronavirus outbreak better at the beginning of the crisis. He did, however, praise the EU for acting on the problem, he noted member states would have to continue to cooperate to deal with Covid issues.

The Euronews reporter said: “This lack of coordination is being criticised by some parliamentarians.

“They have said that these hiccups can and could have been avoided very easily.

Pablo Arias Echeverría, a Spanish MEP said: “This lack of coordination has been one of the great problems that the European Union has had when it comes to addressing or trying to minimise the impact of the pandemic on the economy.

“If we had had more coordination from the beginning, we would probably have managed to minimise this impact in a more solvent way for the industry itself and for the European economy.

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Euronews euro covid latest EU

‘Late and disorderly’ EU savaged for threatening eurozone with delayed Covid action (Image: EURONEWS)

Coronavirus news latest EU update

Global covid data -27/07/21 (Image: Daily Express)

“I think they have acted late and in a disorderly way.

“But it is important to know that they have acted and to know that the Commission has done what is necessary and the Parliament, as well, and the member states have to learn that collaboration is fundamental.”

It has almost been four weeks since the European Union introduced a travel certificate.

There is one travel certificate for the whole EU but member states maintain different rules which has caused confusion and frustration amongst travellers.

Boris Johnson coronavirus news travel EU update

In the UK, holidaymakers have also grown frustrated with the Government over which countries are on the amber, green and red list. (Image: BBC)

Ann Widdecombe says EU experience was a ‘farce’

In the UK, holidaymakers have also grown frustrated with the Government over which countries are on the amber, green and red list. 

Spain, as well as the Balearic and Canary Islands, are on the UK’s amber list for travel. 

This has meant that double-jabbed Britons can return from the nation without the need for self-isolation.

However, rising Covid rates across the country mean it could soon be moved to the “amber plus list”, where quarantine rules apply to all travellers regardless of vaccination status. 


As of July 26, the Balearic Islands have recorded 2,014 new cases of Covid according to John Hopkins University.

Despite this, a local tourism boss has said that the Covid rates in the area are not as “negative” as they appear.

Founder of Ibiza Concierge Company, Nathan Viva, spoke on Sky News and said: “There are many reasons why those numbers are high and I think those statistics can be skewed to make it far more negative than it actually is.

“You have to remember all of our numbers are put against the official population which is 147,000 and during a peak summer of a regular year we have ten times that so every single person that has to leave the island has to be tested so even asymptotic people are being tested and are being added into our positive list.

Harry Byrne

Harry Byrne

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