Joe Biden urged to drop US Covid travel ban on Britons – ‘Open up!’

THE US is under pressure to end its near complete ban on visitors from the UK, introduced last year due to the coronavirus crisis.

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Britain has announced fully vaccinated US and EU travellers will be allowed into Britain, without quarantining, from Monday. There are hopes within Government the US and European nations will reciprocate, significantly increasing the choice available to British tourists.

Speaking to the Daily Telegraph an insider said: “Everyone is lobbying the Americans left, right and centre.”

However there are fears Joe Biden may delay reopening until September, after Britain’s traditional summer holiday season.

The UK has one of the world’s most advanced COVID-19 vaccination programmes, with over 55 percent of the population being double jabbed.

Another 13.5 percent have received their first vaccine dose, and are waiting for their second.


“Everyone is lobbying the Americans left, right and centre” (Image: GETTY)


Nearly all British visitors are banned from the US (Image: GETTY)

High vaccine take-up in Britain has been attributed to the relatively low death toll in the latest coronavirus wave.

On several days last week the UK recorded more than 50,000 new coronavirus cases, as the highly infectious Delta variant rips through the country.

The UK recorded another 27,734 coronavirus cases on Wednesday, along with 91 deaths within 28-days of a positive test.

As there is a significant lag in data, it is still unclear what impact the ending of socialising restrictions in England on July 21 will have.

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Double jabbed US and EU citizens will be able to visit the UK without quarantining (Image: GETTY)

Asked whether he expects the US to match the UK’s loosening of travel rules, transport secretary Grant Shapps replied: “It will depend.

“We can only set the rules at our end, and that has always been the case.

“So we’re saying: ‘You can come here, you can come visit, you can come see friends, you can come as a tourist if you’ve been double vaccinated and follow the rules without quarantine.’

“We can’t change that on the other side, but we do expect that in time they will release that executive order, which was actually signed by the previous president and bans inward travel.”


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The UK has one of the world’s most successful Covid vaccination programmes (Image: GETTY)


“We can only set the rules at our end, and that has always been the case” (Image: GETTY)

Speaking to LBC Radio Boris Johnson admitted it is too early to know what impact England’s unlocking will have on cases.

He commented: “We’ve seen some encouraging recent data, there’s no question about that – but it is far, far too early to draw any general conclusions.”

Mr Biden has said it is “gigantically important” for Americans to get vaccinated, with low rates reported in some parts of the country.

In a statement the White House said: “Although most U.S. adults are vaccinated, too many are not.

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“While we have seen an increase in vaccinations in recent days, we still need to do better.

“Vaccinations are free, safe, and effective to every American.

“They’ve been available to every adult in this country for more than three months—at locations within 5 miles of 90% of the US population.”


“Vaccines are free, safe, and efficient to every American” (Image: GETTY)

Currently 12 EU member states still have restrictions on travel by non-vaccinated Britons.

These vary by country, from near complete travel bans to quarantine requirements.

The UK has recorded over 128,000 coronavirus related deaths since the pandemic began.

Harry Byrne

Harry Byrne

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