Joe Biden slammed after US gives green light for Russia to 'hold European Union hostage'

Joe Biden blasted on Fox News as Taliban advance

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Despite initial opposition to the Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline ahead of his inauguration, US President Joe Biden U-turned on his stance effectively backing the project that will link the European Union to Russia. Supporters of the pipeline have insisted the connection will ensure the security of gas supplies to member states but detractors warned about the potential influence Moscow could exercise upon the bloc. Former US Energy Secretary Rick Perry raged at President Biden for his decision, telling Fox News his support effectively green-lighted Russia holding the European Union “hostage.”

Mr Perry said: “It is stunning to see how fast we went from energy independence to now being reliant on countries like Iran to get our energy.

“You know, I didn’t think there could ever be anyone that would make me think that Jimmy Carter might have had it right, but Joe Biden and his policies that he’s putting in place making Jimmy Carter look kind of good.

“And I never thought I would say that but you think about where we were, the work that we did, the Americans that we put to work—whether it was building pipelines, good union jobs, building pipelines all across the country, stopping that keystone pipeline out of Canada—and then allowing the Russians to finish the Nord Stream 2!

“I mean it just absolutely makes no sense.”

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joe biden news nord stream 2 european union

Joe Biden was accused of giving Russia permission to hold the EU “hostage” (Image: GETTY)

fox news rick perry energy joe biden

Rick Perry told Fox News Biden made him regreta Jimmy Carter’s policies (Image: FOX NEWS)

Mr Perry added: “The country that will hold the European Union hostage with energy just got the green light.

“It makes you kind of question, you know: What are on those computers that Biden’s son lost?”

In footage recently unearthed by the Daily Mail, President Biden’s son Hunter Biden could be heard admitting he had lost a third laptop amid concerns over two other machines yet to be recovered.

Washington last month reached an agreement with Germany that sought to mitigate the risks of Russia using energy as a weapon against US allies in Central and Eastern Europe as the pipeline, which will transport Russian gas to Europe, nears completion.

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nord stream 2 gas pipeline russia germany

The Nord Stream 2 pipeline will link Russia with the European Union through Germany (Image: GETTY)

The US waived sanctions against the pipeline’s operating company and its chief executive despite an outcry from countries like Ukraine, traditionally a transit route for Russian energy exports.

Hochstein, a former political advisor, and lobbyist was a special envoy for international energy affairs and an assistant secretary of state for energy resources under Barack Obama’s administration.

“His immediate focus will be implementation of measures to reduce the risks posed by the Nord Stream 2 pipeline… European Energy Security, and our Climate Goals,” Blinken said in the statement.


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Berlin will also be appointing a special envoy to help negotiate a potential 10-year extension to Russia’s expiring transit agreement with Ukraine.

In the joint statement setting out the details of the US-Germany deal said the two nations were “united in their determination to hold Russia to account for its aggression and malign activities by imposing costs via sanctions and other tools”.

Angela Merkel last month said she had secured Russian assurances that Moscow would not use the pipeline as a weapon.

But the German Chancellor warned Berlin was ready to react with sanctions if it did so.

She said: “After all, we are not without any tools to do something.”

William Murphy

William Murphy

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