Joe Biden labelled a 'clear and present danger to US' as lawmaker calls for impeachment

Biden ‘clear and present danger to US’ says Claudia Tennay

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President Joe Biden has been branded a “clear and present danger to America” by  Republican Representative, Claudia Tenney. Ms Tenney has called for the impeachment of President Biden for his administration’s “callousness and arrogance” over Afghanistan. The lawmaker told Fox News Business that Biden’s handling of the withdrawal from Kabul following the Taliban takeover had been “cruel” and “dangerous.”

Ms Tennay told Fox News Business: “It is hard to know what Joe Biden knows, I don’t know what he knows and I am very concerned about his mental capacity.

“I am also concerned about his apparent callousness and arrogance.

“You know this whole strategy, and in the interview with George Stephanopoulos, there was also a line where they asked him about the people clinging to the C-17 and dropping to their death.

“And he said that was four or five days ago…as anyone one been killed.”

Joe Biden is a ‘clear and present danger to America' blasts Rep. Tenney

Joe Biden is a ‘clear and present danger to America’ blasts Rep. Tenney (Image: Getty)

United States Representative, Claudia Tenney calls for the impeachment of President Biden

United States Representative, Claudia Tenney calls for the impeachment of President Biden (Image: Fox News)

Ms Tennay continued: “Well that kind of foreign policy we are seeing from Joe Biden is callous, it is cruel, it is dangerous.

“And it is hurting American citizens,” she added.

“That is why I have called for his resignations, unlikely.

“But we must begin impeachment proceedings that must be led by the third in line to the President, Speaker Nancy Pelosi.

Joe Biden ‘ignored advice’ on Afghanistan says James Marlow

“He is a clear and present danger to America, and to our safety and security,” slammed the Republican lawmaker

“We need to commence these now.

“On so many fronts and many you have already identified on your show.”

It came as Joe Biden was called out on TalkRADIO after the US President was spotted glancing at his watch during a solemn ceremony for the 13 US military personal killed in Kabul.


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Afghan War Timeline

Afghan War Timeline (Image: EXPRESS)

Host Mike Graham told TalkRADIO: “Even watching Biden yesterday has the coffins were being removed from the plane.

“Covered in the stars and stripes, the star-spangled banner, the very solemn situation.

“He is looking at his watch!

“And you go what is wrong with you.”

Roy Walsh

Roy Walsh

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