Joe Biden faces impeachment calls as US Senate launches investigation on Afghanistan

US Senator Jack Reed has suggested that President Joe Biden be impeached over his handling of the Afghanistan withdrawal. The White House has promised a full review of the intelligence behind the decision to pull all troops. President Biden’s military withdrawal has received intense criticisms with many questioning his humanitarian failure to rescue many vulnerable Afghans

Fox News reporter Madeline Rivera said: “On Capitol Hill, Afghanistan’s fall to Taliban rule has lawmakers calling for answers.

“The chair of the Senate Armed Services Committee pledged to hold hearings to investigate what went wrong, saying ‘This is not a Democratic or a Republican problem.

“’These failures have been manifesting over four presidential administrations of both political parties.’”

Ms Rivera continued: “Republicans blame President Biden saying that chaotic scenes and hasty evacuations could have been avoided with better planning to withdraw US troops.

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“The chair of the Senate GOP campaign arm on Twitter raised the prospect of using the 25th amendment to remove President Biden from office questioning if the President was quote,’ capable of discharging the duties of his office’.”

Ms Rivera added: “Given the Taliban was able to take over the country more quickly than the President expected.

“The White House says it will do a hard wash once evacuations are completed to review what could have been done differently.”

Former CIA analyst Matt Zeller said: “I’ve been trying to tell our government for years that this was coming.

“We set them plan after plan and how to evacuate these people. Nobody listened to us.”

Senate Minority Leader Mitch Mcconnell said: “This administration looks to me like it couldn’t organize a two-car funeral.”

US National Security Adviser  Jake Sullivan said: “Yes, there were chaotic scenes [at Kabul airport] but as Admiral Kirby said even well-drawn plans don’t survive the first contact with reality.

“And they require adjustments, and we’ve made those adjustments.”


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President Biden announced his intent to start evacuating at-risk Afghans in July, despite calls by lawmakers and refugee groups to do so months earlier. Since July, only 2,000 Afghans have been flown to the United States.

“It’s a nice goal to have, but realistically it’s going to be a challenge,” the U.S. official, speaking on the condition of anonymity, said of the 22,000-person benchmark.

The hope is to fly out between 5,000 and 9,000 per day when the Pentagon reaches full capacity with 6,000 troops on the ground in Kabul. Only 4,000 troops have reached Kabul so far.

Evacuating that many Afghans would require them to first be able to get to Kabul and then to the airport through a series of Taliban checkpoints, officials said. The U.S. military would need to maintain some semblance of calm at the airport to allow flights to take off and land, and also need the weather to cooperate.

Order has been restored at Kabul airport after five people were killed on Monday as thousands of desperate Afghans thronged the area. The U.S. military temporarily suspended flights to clear the airfield.

The evacuation mission is set to end on August 31.

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