Joe Biden blames 'Freudian slip' for latest blunder as he confuses Obama with Trump

Joe Biden accidentally says Trump instead of Obama

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President Joe Biden has inadvertently referred to former President Barack Obama with his successor Donald Trump during a speech, which he subsequently blamed the blunder on a “Freudian slip”. The President was discussing the role he played as US Vice-President in the auto-industry bailout in 2009 when the blunder happened.

Mr Biden was speaking at a Mack Truck assembly plant in Pennsylvania’s Lehigh Valley where he was announcing his Administration’s efforts to spur citizens to purchase American products.

He said: “Back in 2009, during the so-called Great Recession, the president asked me to be in charge of managing that piece, then-President Trump.

“Excuse me, Freudian slip, that was the last president. He caused the… anyway, President Obama when I was vice-president.”

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Joe Biden made a blunder in a speech

Joe Biden made a blunder in a speech (Image: SKY NEWS)

Biden made a

Biden made a “Freudian” slip during a speech (Image: Skynews)

Mr Biden meant to refer to his longtime boss Barack Obama, under whom he served for 8 years as Vice President of the United States.

A Freudian slip is an error made in speech, memory or action believed to take place because of the interference of unconscious internal. train of thought

However, it is unclear why Trump was on his mind when he made the mistake.

Twitter quickly picked up on the gaffe, accusing the President of confusing the former presidents and for “not knowing what a Freudian slip was”.

One Twitter user wrote: “He called it a Freudian slip, which would mean he has some subconscious feelings about his former boss.”

While another said: “I feel like Joe Biden might not know what a ‘Freudian slip’ is.”

Since the Capitol riot in January, President Biden has rarely discussed President Trump or mentioned his name.

He sometimes calls him the “former guy” to avoid calling his name.


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Trump and Biden

Trump and Biden (Image: Getty Images)

The US President has often fumbled during his speeches, an occurrence linked to Mr Biden’s struggles with stammering.

On his stutter, last year he said: “I still occasionally when I find myself really tired, struggle with my stutter.”

He has had the speech impediment since he was a child.

An estimated one percent of the global population has a stutter, with the rate growing as much as five percent among children.

Roy Walsh

Roy Walsh

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