HMRC update: Are you missing out on a tax break of up to £1,188? – 'well worth checking'

Martin Lewis reveals how to claim marriage tax allowance

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HMRC helps Britons to deal with a myriad of tax issues each and every year, however, what people may not be aware of is the fact they could get a significant tax break. In certain circumstances, a couple may be able to pay less tax, but only if they take certain actions. The tax break is available to those who are married or in a civil partnership through a system known as Marriage Allowance offered by HMRC.

Marriage Allowance is centred around Personal Allowance amount of income a person is not required to pay tax on – which usually stands at £12,500.

The system allows those who are earning £12,500 or less to transfer up to £1,250 of their personal allowance to their husband, wife or civil partner.

This can only be done though, if a person’s partner has an income which is higher, and they are a basic rate taxpayer.

Marriage Allowance can be a sensible choice to make as a tax reduction of £252 per year will be available to couples through this action. 

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hmrc marriage allowance

HMRC update: Are you missing out on a tax break of up to £1,188? – ‘well worth checking’ (Image: Getty)

However, the scheme could be even more lucrative, as married couples may be able to backdate their claim.

Under Government rules, Marriage Allowance can be backdated for up to four years, meaning HMRC could provide payments back to April 2017.

Thus, Britons who are married or in a civil partnership may be able to secure as much as £1,188.

It is worth noting though, that couples who are unmarried or who are simply living together will unfortunately not be able to claim Marriage Allowance.


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Britons can claim marriage allowance through the Government’s official website, where applications are free to make.

The Government advises Britons to claim through the official website rather than using Marriage Allowance firms, as this means they will get 100 percent of the tax break to which they are entitled. 

Recently, HMRC took the time to prompt Britons to look into whether they could be eligible for Marriage Allowance.

This is particularly the case for individuals who recently became married during lockdown.

marriage allowance hmrc

HMRC prompted Britons to look into whether they could be eligible for Marriage Allowance (Image: Getty)

A post on its social media said: “Whether you had 25 guests, 10 guests or no guests at all, you could still be eligible.

“Check your eligibility and submit a claim.

“It is quick and easy, and will only take a few minutes.”

Clare Moffat, Head of the Intermediary Development and Technical Team at Royal London, recently commented on the matter.

She provided insight into the Government’s policies on tax allowance for married couples.

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Ms Moffat said: “It’s great news that 1.8million married couples and civil partners have taken advantage of this tax relief by sharing their personal allowances.

“However, many more couples may be eligible for Marriage Allowance, especially since this can be backdated for the four previous tax years.

“This tax relief can be particularly useful when one person retires but their spouse continues to work.

“Or when someone retires and moves from being a higher rate taxpayer to a basic rate taxpayer and their spouse does not pay tax.

“If either you or your spouse or civil partner have had a change in circumstances, it’s well worth checking if you could be eligible to claim on to save more money to enjoy together.”

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