Haiti tsunami warning: 'Hazardous' tsunami forecast with giant 3metre waves hits Caribbean

HAITI may need to brace itself for possible tsunami waves along its coast, after a giant 7.0 earthquake struck the Caribbean country on Saturday afternoon.

Haiti: Port-Salut struck by 7.0 magnitude earthquake

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A tsunami wave warning has been issued after an earthquake with a preliminary magnitude of 7.0 occurred in the Haiti region. Forecasters say there is no tsunami threat from this earthquake but tsunami waves could reach one to three metres in places. There is a possibility of tsunami waves along coasts located near the epicentre. However it is important to note there could be “uncertainties in the forecast”. 

The Pacific Tsunami Warning Centre at Ewa Beach, Hawaii, recorded the huge earthquake this afternoon. 

The warning centre which is run by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) recorded the whopping earthquake at 1229 (UTC).  

NOAA said: “Sunami waves reaching one to three metres above the tide level are possible along some coasts of Haiti. 

They add: “Actual amplitudes at the coast may vary from forecast amplitudes due to uncertainties in the forecast and local features.

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Man in rubble of earthquake

2010 earthquake aftermath (Image: GETTY)

Picture of Haiti

Haiti tsunami waves: Parts of the coastline could experience tsunami waves (Image: GETTY)

“In particular maximum tsunami amplitudes on atolls or small islands and at locations with fringing or barrier reefs will likely be much smaller than the forecast indicates.”

NOAA has forecasted the first tsunami wave will hit these at risk areas in Haiti today: 

Location: Jeremie, Expected time of arrival (ETA) 12:39 (UTC)

Picture of tsunami damage

Haiti tsunami: The damage caused by this tsunami wave isn’t expected to be too severe (Image: GETTY)

Location: Jacamel, ETA 13:18 (UTC)

Location: Port Au Prince, ETA 13:28 (UTC)

It is worth noting arrival times for these threatened regions may differ. 

NOAA warn the initial wave may not be the largest. 


Picture of Haiti

Haiti tsunami wave: A large earthquake measuring 7.0 magnitude was recorded this afternoon (Image: GETTY)

It is mistakenly believed by many that a tsunami is just one big wave.

A Tsunami is a series of waves and the time in between waves can be five minutes to one hour. 

NOAA recommends the following actions: 

“Government agencies responsible for threatened coastal areas should take action to inform and instruct any coastal populations at risk in accordance with their own evaluation, procedures and the level of threat.

“Persons located in threatened coastal areas should stay alert for information and follow instructions from national and local authorities”.

Even though NOAA has not issued a tsunami threat they stress tsunami waves such as the one forecast are dangerous.

They warn: “Persons caught in the water of a tsunami may drown, be crushed by debris in the water, or be swept out to sea.”

Further information and forecasts about this quake can be found here.

Harry Byrne

Harry Byrne

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