Germany frantically calls for more to be vaccinated as EU's AstraZeneca shame sets in

GERMANY is frantically urging its citizens to get vaccinated amid fears over the number of people left unprotected against Covid as the European Union’s jab shame has been laid bare.

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Although Germany has vaccinated more than half of its population, politicians have reacted with concern over the number of doses left unused. Following the attacks over the AstraZeneca vaccine earlier this year, doctors have now complained over the number of doses left unused due to the skepticism over the jab. Amid the slowing vaccine take-up, politicians are now devising ways to enforce vaccinations across the country.

Bundestag President Wolfgang Schauble said: “I cannot understand the lack of willingness to get vaccinated, that makes me extremely sad.

“And now family doctors are desperate because vaccination doses are left over en masse.

“We must all avoid a new lockdown together!

“That would be devastating for society, the economy and all other areas of life.”

EU vaccine news

EU vaccine news: Germany now fears for its vaccine uptake (Image: GETTY)

EU vaccine news

EU vaccine news: Ms Merkel is due to step down in September (Image: GETTY)

Such is the frantic need for an uptick in vaccinations, Mr Schauble called for increased social pressure in order to push the public into being vaccinated.

Bavaria’s prime minister Markus Soder also spoke of the lagging vaccine rate in the country.

He argued fully vaccinated people should be given the maximum of their freedom.

Those who do not wish to be vaccinated should be made to pay the price to their freedom if not, he argued.

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EU vaccine news

EU vaccine news: The uptake has slowed in Germany (Image: GETTY)

He added: “Anyone who absolutely does not want to, and I respect that, but they then must also bear the consequences and take responsibility for it.”

In recent weeks, Germany’s vaccine uptake has stalled, and as it stands 72.9 percent of the public have now received a first dose.

In comparison, 88.3 percent of the public have now been vaccinated with one dose in the UK as of July 28.

In terms of uptake of a second dose, Germany stands at 59.1 percent.


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EU vaccine news

EU vaccine news: The study will be a huge boost to the company (Image: GETTY)

EU vaccine news

EU vaccine news: The Eu had previously spoken of its concern over the drug (Image: GETTY)

The UK in contrast stands at 71.1 percent, according to the latest figures.

Germany’s slow vaccination rate comes despite the country receiving the highest number of batches with 106,013,669 doses from manufacturers.

These figures come as a new study showed the Oxford/AstraZeneca vaccine found the risk of blood clots does not increase with the vaccine despite fears early in the year.

The study published in The Lancet found the AstraZeneca vaccine carried the same risk of rare blood clotting as the Pfizer drug.

EU vaccine news

EU vaccine news: Vaccine uptake across the world (Image: Express)

For every million people who received a first shot, there were 8.1 reports of thrombosis with thrombocytopenia syndrome in the study which looked at the 49.23 million people who received the vaccine the EU, European Economic Area, and the UK by the end of April.

After the second dose, there were 2.3 cases out of every million people that reported blood clotting issues.

The EU hammered the company earlier in the year with some member states halting the rollout of the vaccine in March.

EU vaccine news

EU vaccine news: Ms Merkel had previously refused to take the vaccine before reversing the decision (Image: GETTY)

After delaying the use of the AstraZeneca vaccine, EU Commission President Ursula von der Leyen had previously claimed the bloc had made the right decision to uphold a slower programme.

She said: “The commission and the member states agreed not to compromise with the safety and efficacy requirements linked to the authorisation of a vaccine. Time had to be taken to analyse the data, which, even minimised, takes three to four weeks.”

Although she eventually reversed her decision, Angela Merkel initially claimed she would not take the AstraZeneca vaccine.

William Murphy

William Murphy

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