French turn on Schengen Area as migrant crisis boldens Frexit ‘Can’t host whole world!'

Migrant crisis: Europe can’t host whole world’ says campaigner

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President of Generation Frexit Charles-Henri Gallois warned the French population was turning on the European Union for allowing large numbers of migrants to enter the continent with little restrictions. He explained many migrants entering France were arriving from Greece and said many were “economic migrants” rather than refugees fleeing persecution or war. The French campaigner then told TalkRADIO his solution to fixing the problem and delivered a stern warning to the EU and told them to be “tougher” on immigration.

Speaking on TalkRADIO, Mr Gallois discussed the migrant crisis after record numbers of migrants entered the UK via France several weeks ago. 

Mr Gallois looked at the problem and said: “The big issue is [asylum seekers] shouldn’t be in France and France as a big problem with the European Union and with the Schengen area.

“Because they don’t arrive directly in France because it’s very hard to arrive there but they arrive from Greece, they arrive from Italy and within the Schengen Area, they are free to go wherever they want.

“That’s also why the UK is suffering because many migrants want to come to France or the UK so we receive many of them.

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Charles-Henri Gallois

Charles-Henri Gallois said the migrant crisis was turning people against the EU’s Schengen Zone (Image: TalkRADIO)

Emmanuel Macron

Emmanuel Macron faces tough opposition on his support for the EU’s free movement (Image: Getty)

“We are not able to integrate [them] or it could be a massive change for the country.”

According to France’s National Institute of Statistics and Economic Studies, between 2006 and 2019, the number of migrants living in France went from 193,400 to 272,400.

Over the last weekend, around 600 migrants were intercepted crossing the English Channel as Home Secretary Priti Patel ramps up preventative measures. 

The Government is seeking to make the journey for migrants “unviable” by cracking down on people traffickers who are helping to smuggle people into the UK. 

Under the proposed Nationality and Borders Bill, asylum seeker applications will be influenced by whether or not they have passed through safe countries to enter the UK. 

France: Police clash with protesters in Paris


Frexit calls have been growing in France (Image: Getty)

Passing its second reading, the bill will also give powers to Border Force to use force to turn back boats towards France if necessary. 

Mr Gallois then shared his solution which was tackling the problem at the source. 

He told the station: “I think that even if you talk about humanity and the development of [France] all the young people of this country will say their country won’t have any future and we will have the same issue.

“I think the main point will be to help developing countries so that these people stay in the country and then we have to be tough because otherwise, you will receive all the people of all the world.”


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French citizens are becoming agitated of the migrant crisis (Image: Getty)

A survey conducted by Ifop for the French daily Les Echos found 57 percent of French respondents said they would clearly support plans to see “less Europe” at the next presidential election.

French President Emmanuel Macron has been a staunch supporter of the European Union and was strongly opposed to the UK’s departure. 

Director of the Bruges Group think tank Robert Oulds argued that eurosceptics in the continent, most notably France, wanted Brexit Britain to succeed.

He told “France has serious difficulties at the moment that aren’t being helped by the bloc.

“Its economy has been absolutely hammered by being a part of the single currency.

“They can’t compete with Germany and it is adding to the divisions that exist in French society.

Harry Byrne

Harry Byrne

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