Free today: You can stream movies & TV series through Filmzie with no cost – full details

MOVIE lovers can access a range of films and TV series through Filmzie, a high-quality worldwide platform for streaming. This service allows users to stream hundreds of films at no cost while supporting indie filmmakers.

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Movie and TV lovers can stream thousands of shows through various streaming services, such as Netflix and Amazon Prime. However, these services require monthly subscription payments which could weigh down on tightened budgets.

Fortunately, Filmzie can provide users with free streaming of a number of films and TV series.

The streaming platform is available through a number of digital devices and smart TVs.

A representative for the company explained: “Filmzie is a high-quality worldwide platform for streaming free movies & TV series available for Android, Android TV, iOS, Amazon Fire TV and a broad range of Smart TV app stores.

“Simply by watching movies on Filmzie, viewers are supporting indie filmmakers and can interact with one another via built-in social features, including a native movie rating and review system which gives filmmakers direct feedback.

“Filmzie has a huge variety of content, ranging from action, comedy, drama, horror and thriller movies, as well as top festival winners, independent films, exceptional short movies and much more.

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Filmzie offers free streaming services (Image: GETTY)

“There are so many great films out there from extremely talented filmmakers that just don’t get seen by the general public.

“Filmzie is here to change that by providing free movie streaming for true movie lovers.

“For film aficionados and the casual viewer alike, Filmzie boasts a growing list of titles ranging from timeless classics to new releases from both major studios and indie producers.

“These titles include Taika Waititi’s cult favourite What We Do in The Shadows, legendary Korean director Park Chan Wook’s Lady Vengeance and Sympathy for Mr. Vengeance, and Deception, which features the Oscar-winning Geoffrey Rush.”


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According to Filmzie’s FAQ page, the company is funded not through payments or subscriptions, but instead through adverts.

Filmzie is an Advertisement-based Video on Demand service (AVOD), which means its services are funded through short ads which play throughout their films.

Short ads will be played at the beginning of each movie and from there, the ads are shown dynamically and Filmzie assures there are much fewer than would be found with traditional TV options.

Filmzie also does not require registration, but registered users may get additional perks such as being allowed to create a “watchlist”, build a fan base and create a profile.


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A web-based version of Filmzie can be found at

Additionally, an app version can be found on the Google play store or the Apple app store.

Should a user want to delete their account, they will be able to do so free of charge through Filmzie’s website.

Filmzie assured its app is completely free as it does not ask for any credit card information and has no way of charging users for anything.

It should be noted it is now possible to download the films on offer yet but it is a feature Filmzie is working on.

The films can also be watched without Wifi but this could impact the speed and strength of the streams.

Filmzie is also “constantly adding movies” to its catalog.

Full details on the service can be found at

William Murphy

William Murphy

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