Ex-Al-Qaeda recruiter says jihadist ‘chatter’ is surging ‘ten-fold’ – ‘Rejuvenating period

A FORMER recruiter of Al-Qaeda has suggested the West’s handling of the Afghanistan crisis will encourage terrorist groups to surge.

Afghanistan: Taliban use gunfire to celebrate US leaving Kabul

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Jesse Morton admitted he has witnessed a rise in online ‘chatter’ among supporters of IS-K in Asia. Morton co-created the counter-radicalisation group Parallel Networks in 2017. In a conference organised by the Counter Extremism Project (CEP) he said there had been an increase of 8% and 10% in jihadi ‘chatter.’


Taliban militants (Image: PA)


Taliban militant (Image: PA)

Morton told Metro: “Where we find ourselves now is a vision that ultimate victory is for the Muslims and that will now impact the minds and mentality not just of jihadists, but of Islamists.

“It makes that very real argument that only violent jihad can obtain the change that radical Muslims want to achieve all the more palatable.

“And it will bleed into the understanding of prophecy and the resonance of Isis trying to take over from the Taliban, because the statement of jihadists is that they hold Khorosan in Arabic as Afghanistan.

“The prophecy says the black flag of jihad will be realised in Khorosan and will not be stopped until it reaches Jerusalem.

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Afghanistan (Image: PA)


Afghanistan timeline (Image: Express)

IS-k claimed responsibility for the terror attack at Kabul airport which killed 13 US Marines and 170 civilians.

He added: “In a matter of months, really weeks, we have seen what was in the mind of jihadists basically a state of despair when Isis’s caliphate was dismantled and…they weren’t in the media, they weren’t in the Press…all of the chatter since then, I’ve seen jihadist chatter online, particularly in Arabic, increase at least eight to ten-fold.

“For the Taliban, Isis and every terrorist group in the world this is a rejuvenating period.

“The Taliban is in power but it’s a further indication that if you stay patient and keep fighting then victory is on the horizon.”


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Afghan refugees

Afghan refugees in the UK (Image: Express)

This follows as the last US solider left Afghanistan before the 31 August deadline.

However, President Biden’s speech in the White House following the 31 August deadline, said the withdrawal was a success.

He said: “Remember why we went to Afghanistan in the first place?

“Because we were attacked by Al-Qaeda and Osama bin Laden in 2001 and they were based in Afghanistan.”

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