Emmanuel Macron warning: Left-wing and Greens unite in plot to challenge French President

EMMANUEL Macron’s rule could suffer a serious challenge from a plot formed between French leftists and environmentalists.

Emmanuel Macron portrait smashed by protestors in Poitiers

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The French political landscape looks set for a rematch between and the right-wing Marine Le Pen in France’s 2022 presidential election. However, a political plot is forming that hopes to unite the French left and the Greens behind a single candidate to avoid a repeat of a Macron-Le Pen presidential showdown. Now, a group of young French activists have called for a “popular primary”, a presidential candidate that can challenge Mr Macron and Ms Le-Pen.

A new group has been formed called, Rencontre des Justices (Meeting for Justice) that states it is a union of “solidarity and ecology”.

The group claim that Marine Le-Pen represents the “right-wing” and Mr Macron represents the “neoliberal” blocs that many in France oppose.

The French president’s first term saw the birth of the populist Yellow Vest movement.

These violent protests were first against fuel tax hikes, then pension reforms and police brutality.

Emmanuel Macron faces a challenge from the Left and the Greens

Emmanuel Macron faces a challenge from the Left and the Greens (Image: GETTY)

The new group has received the support of 178 left-wing and green members of the French parliament.

The group also have the backing of former presidential candidate Noël Mamère of the Green party and French climatologist Jean Jouzel and actress Juliette Binoche.

One of the founders of the group, Samuel Grzybowski, speaking to France 24 said: “We want to go beyond the parties to find a candidate that can bring together all the key elements of the major demonstrations during Macron’s five-year term.”

Mr Grzybowski added: “We were inspired by the main demands of civil society to draw up a joint framework of 10 radical measures.”

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Emmanuel Macron is facing a challenge from the Left and the Greens

Emmanuel Macron is facing a challenge from the Left and the Greens (Image: GETTY)

These “radical” measures include, “the introduction of a climate law that would adopt all the proposals in the Citizens’ Climate Convention.

“The provision of a universal income from the age of 18.

“A reduction in the overall wage gap.

“Equal parental leave.


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Emmanuel Macron fact file

Emmanuel Macron fact file (Image: Express)

“A reduction in working hours.

“A crackdown on the trillions sitting off-shore as a result of tax evasion by the wealthy.”

Mr Grzybowski added: “I hope that all these politicians will hear the cry of a generation and that they will eventually understand that there is only one way to win in 2022.”

However, there has been confusion as most of the proposed candidates to be selected for the Rencontre des Justices primary have not been consulted.

But so far France’s former minister of justice, Christiane Taubira is in the lead with 13,063 endorsements.

Harry Byrne

Harry Byrne

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