Elon Musk 'is dying' to build an electric jet – but worries his 'brain will explode'

Elon Musk discusses future of SpaceX’s Starship system

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Not satisfied with sitting idly while the world moves onward, has shared some insight into the projects he would like to undertake. Although his hands are plenty full with the rollout of Tesla’s Model S Plaid and Starship spacecraft, the South African billionaire has many more ideas racing through his head. Mr Musk, who has been called by some the real-life Tony Stark, has told his fans he “is so dying” to have a go at building an all-electric jet aircraft.

The field is still a fledgling one and it might be surprising to learn neither SpaceX nor Tesla has made any contributions to it.

Only five years ago did the world’s first solar-powered aircraft, the Solar Impulse 2, circumnavigate the globe.

Two years later and the electric-motor manufacturer MagniX retrofitted a 62-year-old plane with an electric motor for a 15-minute flight.

The very brief test flight proved electric motors can take to the skies, opening up the possibility for a cleaner and brighter future.

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Elon Musk and an electric vtol aircraft

Elon Musk wants to build and electric aircraft but doesn’t have the time (Image: GETTY)

SpaceX fact sheet: Facts about Elon Musk's company

SpaceX fact sheet: Incredible facts about Elon Musk’s company (Image: EXPRESS)

The US space agency NASA is also tinkering with the all-electric aircraft concept, working on the .

The goal? To build an industry standard for efficiency and function that will pave the way for more eco-friendly flying.

It is, therefore, no surprise Mr Musk would want to have a slice of the pie.

After all, through his company Tesla, he has already dedicated a lot of time and effort towards normalising electric cars and solar panels – technology he believes will one day benefit humans on Mars.

Unfortunately, hopeful SpaceX fans will be disappointed to learn the tech mogul will not be spending time and money on electric aircraft any time soon.

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YouTuber Sam Kelly reached out to the SpaceX chief on Twitter, sharing with him a throwback tweet to the Solar Impulse 2 flight in 2016

The tweet, posted by World of Engineering, shared a photo of the unusual-looking aircraft with the caption: “On July 26, 2016 – Solar Impulse 2 becomes the first solar-powered aircraft to circumnavigate the Earth. Photo by Milko Vuille.”

Mr Kelly responded to the tweet with a question aimed directly at Mr Musk, asking whether he “fancied the challenge”.

The billionaire revealed he would very much like to build an electric VTOL – a type of aircraft that can take off and land vertically.


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Elon Musk on Twitter

Elon Musk said his brain would explode if he took on another project (Image: TWITTER)

F-35B vertical take off jet

The F-35B is a jet capable of short vertical take off and landing (Image: UNITED STATES NAVY)

However, with the work being done at Tesla, SpaceX, Neuralink and his Boring Company, an additional project appears to be out of the question.

He said: “I’m so dying to do a supersonic vtol electric jet! But I already have way too much on my plate. Any more work and my brain will explode.”

One of the biggest projects presently on Mr Musk’s plate is the Starship launch system.

Designed to ferry humans to and from Mars, the experimental rocket is being built in South Texas.

Once completed, SpaceX claims the two-stage launch vehicle will be the world’s most powerful rocket.

To date, SpaceX has only completed one successful launch and landing of Starship’s spacecraft.

SpaceX fans have been keenly following the company since December 2020, watching as Starship after Starship was blown to smithereens.

The company is now in the process of testing the 230ft-tall (70m) Super Heavy booster stage.

Super Heavy will launch Starship from Earth and into orbit, allowing the spacecraft to reach the Moon, Mars and possibly beyond.

Both stages of the rocket are still in the prototype stage.

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