DWP update: State pension & Universal Credit payments to change this week – full list

THE DEPARTMENT for Work and Pensions (DWP) have issued an update clarifying payment dates for the state pension and Universal Credit this month, as they are set to change.

Upcoming changes to state pension in 2022

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The DWP has announced new payment dates and Jobcentre opening time (Image: Getty)

State pensioners can expect their payment dates to potentially change due to the August bank holiday, with benefits such as Universal Credit also changing.

As a result, payments have had to be brought forward, and Jobcentre opening times changed for those who are claiming benefits.

In a statement, the DWP said: “To make sure people receive their payments on a day when Jobcentre Plus offices are open, arrangements have been made to make some payments early.

Payments which would have been due on Monday, August 30 will now be brought forward to Friday, August 27.

The change will be automatic so those expecting the payment are not required to do anything.

Baroness Stedman-Scott said: “The August bank holiday is this coming weekend and customers due to be paid then should check to make sure they know when their payment is due, as many are being made early.”


What is the state pension? (Image: Express)

DWP Jobcentres will be closed during the bank holiday on Monday, August 30.

The full, normal service will resume the next day on Tuesday, August 31.

The change to payment dates, however, will not affect everyone, as not all people receive the payment on the same day.

For state pensioners, the day on which they receive a payment is dependent on National Insurance number.

It is the last two digits of the NI number that determine the payment date.

If the last two digits are between 00 and 19, the payment date will be the Monday.

If they are 20 to 39, it will be the Tuesday.

For 40 to 59, Wednesday will be the payment date.

Those with an NI number ending in 60 to 79 will be paid on Thursday.

Finally, those with an NI number ending 80 to 99 will be paid on Friday.

It is, however, routine for people to be paid early is their payment date falls on a bank holiday, as is the case this month.

State pension payments are usually made every four weeks and always in arrears, which means for the previous four weeks rather than for the coming four weeks.

For Universal Credit claimants, individuals will simply need to check if they are due to receive payment on the Bank Holiday.

Which benefits are on the list for early payment?

Universal Credit

State Pension

Pension Credit

Disability Living Allowance

Personal Independence Payment

Child Benefit

Tax Credits

Attendance Allowance

Carer’s Allowance

Employment Support Allowance

Income Support

Jobseeker’s Allowance

Roy Walsh

Roy Walsh

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