Britons urged to see if their family members over state pension age can get financial help

Pension Credit: Guy Opperman discusses ongoing scheme

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As the name suggests, state pension age must be reached to be able to get the UK state pension. However, it’s also Pension Credit qualifying age.

Pension Credit is an income-related benefit, and it can help some people who are state pension age or older.

As well as the financial boost from Pension Credit itself, claiming the benefit can unlock other forms of support.

Worryingly, around two in five eligible pensioners do not claim it.

In an attempt to drive awareness about the support among those entitled but not claiming it, the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) recently called on Britons to see if their loved ones could receive it.

Pension Credit: Grandparent and adult grandchild in pictures

Pension Credit: The DWP is urging people to see if their family members can claim (Image: GETTY)

On the verified @DWP Twitter account, a post read: “You could help a family member over State Pension age by checking to see if they are entitled to Pension Credit, which can help with housing costs, Council Tax and heating bills.”

The tweet went on to direct people to find out more via a Pension Credit guide on

A photo attached to the tweet served an extra reminder.

“If you have family over state pension age, they may be able to get Pension Credit to help with day to day living costs,” it read.

How to check Pension Credit eligibility

It’s possible to check if a person is entitled to Pension Credit via the Pension Credit calculator.

This is hosted online, by the Government website.

It can be used to check eligibility, plus find out how much they may be entitled to.

Personal details don’t need to be given to use the tool.

Via the Guarantee Credit element of Pension Credit, claimants would top up their weekly income to:

  • £177.10 if they’re single
  • £270.30 if they have a partner.

It may also be they can get additional amounts and support.

For example, it could be they get help with heating bills or housing costs, among other forms of help.

If the person is over the age of 75, Pension Credit claimants will also get a free TV Licence.

State pension guide

State pension age is also Pension Credit qualifying age for those who are eligible (Image: GETTY)

How to claim Pension Credit

Pension Credit applications can be started up to four months before reaching state pension age.

It can be applied for any time after state pension age, but it can only be backdated by three months.

It’s possible to apply via the Government website, using the online service.

Applying by phone is also possible, by calling the Pension Credit claim line.

The final method for applications is to apply by post – by filling in the Pension Credit claim form and sending it to the Pension Service.

William Murphy

William Murphy

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