Britons furious at ‘backstabbing’ EU as they back Polexit – ‘Stick to your principles'

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The EU has given the Polish Government until August 16 to comply with a European court ruling against its judicial reforms. If it refuses to comply, it could face punishing fines from Brussels.

However Zbigniew Ziobro, the Polish Justice Minister, hit back accusing the EU of “blackmail” and warning Poland won’t remain a member at “any price”.

He accused the European Court of Justice [ECJ], which ruled against Poland from Luxembourg, of having a “colonial mentality”. readers urged Poland to follow Britain by leaving the EU.

One wrote: “Poland dominated by Russia, Germany and now the EU.

Brexit readers are urging Poland to leave the EU (Image: GETTY)


“Time to break free Poland” (Image: GETTY)

“Time to break free Poland, come be partners with the UK.

“No domination just trading partners and allies in times of hardship and war.”

Another added: “I hope both Hungary and Poland leave the EU.

“It is clear as the day that the EU is NOT a trading block, it is a federalist organisation that wants a fully federal United States of Europe where EU law fully takes over from the likes of Polish or Hungarian law.

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The EU is locked in a row with Warsaw over judicial reform (Image: GETTY)

“So in my eyes Poland and Hungary are at a crossroads and have a choice to make.”

A third wrote: “More blackmail from Brussels!

“Same as they tried to do to us with Brexit over Northern Ireland. Don’t back down Poland!”

A fourth posted: “Do it Poland – just ‘do it’.”


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Britain voted to leave the EU in 2016 (Image: GETTY)


The Polish government has been accused of homophobia by EU officials (Image: GETTY)

The EU, and Polish opposition parties, argue Warsaw’s judicial reforms undermine the rule of law in Poland.

They are demanding they are dropped, keeping a strict separation between the political and judicial sectors.

Mr Ziobro hit back during an interview with Rzeczpospolita, a Polish newspaper.

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He said: “I am completely against giving in to the illegal blackmail by the EU, which is being carried out via the ECJ.

“If we agree today to the illegal diktats of the ECJ in matters in which it does not have the right to interfere, then tomorrow the ECJ will issue a verdict obliging Poland, for example, to introduce gay marriage and the adoption of children by such couples.

“At any price we should strive to defend our autonomy and our position within the EU.


Britain officially left the EU in January 2020 (Image: GETTY)

“Otherwise, Poles will lose from EU membership. So we should be in, but not at any price.”

Poland, and a number of other East European and Mediterranean states, joined the EU in 2004.

It has received billions of Euros from Brussels in infrastructure spending and investment.

Roy Walsh

Roy Walsh

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