British expat made £6,800 in a night – ‘I took a gamble and it paid off'

MANY Britons travel abroad each year with dreams of starting again in the sun but making the transition a successful and permanent one often requires some creativity. Viewers of Bargain-Loving Brits in the Sun saw Bradford born Tony Firth reinvent himself in Benidorm and start a successful business which can see him bring in over 6,500 euros in one night. The Channel 5 programme follows Brits who have relocated to popular holiday destinations and reveals how they can afford to stay there.

Bargain Loving Brits in the Sun: Brits reveals their profits

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In Los Montesinos, Mr Firth started an auction house, selling everything from cups to cuddly toys, to wigs, to dressers. He sells everything for a discounted price. Mr Firth moved to Spain around five years ago for a new start.


Tony Firth moved to Spain and started an auction house to make a living (Image: CHANNEL 5)

Hoardes of British expats now come to Mr Firth to bag a bargain for their home.

The cost of living in Benidorm is cheap but the materials used to furnish people houses are expensive Mr Firth explained.

He said: “You can furnish a full house in this warehouse for possibly a third of the cost of what it would cost you in a second-hand shop.”

The auction takes place every Friday and people come from far and wide to get themselves a bargain.


After one of his auctions, he said: “We’ve made £6,800.

“Not a bad night, not a bad night.”

Even after having to pay out to people who brought some items in, Mr Firth still gets to take home nearly £3,000 in profit.

He continued: “Perfect today, I’ve made some cash today. We will start all over again on Monday.”


The auction house can bring in up to 6000 euros each week (Image: CHANNEL 5)

Mr Firth then spends the rest of the week looking for items for the next auction that week.

People bring in items for the auction and Mr Firth takes a commission from them if they sell, as well as a 10 percent cut from the buyer so it’s a win-win deal for him.

Mr Firth works with business partner Peter Shaw from Blackpool.

Mr Shaw buys unwanted furniture and sells it at the auction.

The profits are split 50/50 with Mr Firth.

Mr Shaw said: “Every Monday we have a list of houses to go and look at.

“We either buy the furniture, and if it’s not what we’re looking for we’ll persuade them to put it into auction.”

To ensure his business is a success, Mr Firth ensures he can cater for all.

He said: “There is nothing here that we do not sell.”

People wanting to make a living abroad may need to find a gap in the market, offering a product or service that’s different and taking a chance.

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