Blind and deaf dog woken up by owner becomes heart-warming viral video

Dog lovers from across the world praised Aiden’s unique way of communicating with his four-legged friend, with many people finding the TikTok heartwarming.

One user said: “Really didn’t wanna cry today.”

Another added: “This got me emotional, what a nice doggie.”

A third TikToker commented: “This is so wholesome; I cried a little. What a good heart.”

Born deaf and blind, Plum’s disabilities was caused due to double-merle breeding, which result ina one four chance of a puppy being born with excessive white coloration, lack of pigment, and no hearing and eyesight.

Speaking to TeamDogs, Aiden said: “We have had to learn our own way of communicating. I had to think outside the box when it came to training her, but also had to learn to not shelter her and just let her be a dog.

“Feeding is around the same time everyday so for the most part she beats me to the bowl but sometimes when she’s not around the food hitting her metal bowl vibrates enough for her to feel it.

“She likes to play fetch by herself. She will throw a tennis ball down and then try to catch it, if she misses, she will track it down and go again.”

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Roy Walsh

Roy Walsh

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