Added home income: Easy ways to make extra income as a house spouse

John McDonnell suggests ‘minimum income guarantee’

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While plenty of households can afford to survive off of one income, it can’t hurt to have an extra few quid in the bank, but some struggle to find work that fits their qualifications and schedule, especially if there are young children that need looking after. Here are some simple ways house spouses can earn some extra income without the time or dedication needed for a full-time job or the technicalities of creating a start-up.

For the music lovers

Listening to music is no longer just a way to unwind, but also a way to make easy money by reviewing songs.

These reviews provide priceless insights for producers, record labels and artists, giving them a way to refine their craft.

Websites to look at: Slice the Pie and Music Xray

Possible earnings: £8 per song review.

Stay at home dad working

Stay at home parents can’t always commit to a full-time job due to their responsibilities at home (Image: GETTY)

For the photographers

Being a freelance photographer sounds like it requires a lot of technology, knowledge and equipment, but some sites are willing to buy photos taken on mobile phones.

This is an incredible passive income opportunity if it is utilised properly as one single photo can be continuously purchased by users for months.

Websites to look at: Shutterstock and 123RF

Potential earnings: up to £2 per photo download.


For the opinionated

Online surveys are a great time-killer and provide simple money at no cost to the participant.

Apps to look at: Curious Cat, Swagbucks and Vindale Research

Potential earnings: up to £54 per survey

For the intelligent

Utilise each and every expertise available by teaching, online courses or coaching/training people in similar fields.

Busy family

Adding just a little extra income can make a big difference to families living between paycheques (Image: GETTY)

ESL, or English second language, tutors are highly sought after and all it actually requires is native-level understanding of the language.

Alongside this, if someone was previously employed in a niche sector and believe they have enough knowledge to properly teach other people about the specific field then an online course is another easy passive income stream.

Most online course sites also allow teachers and trainers to set the price for their courses.

Websites to look at: Udemy and Skillshare

Potential earnings: 50 percent of the course price.

For the technology fans

Companies across the world are constantly looking for feedback on the user experience of their apps or websites.

User testing is a highly sought after field and doesn’t require a lot of technical knowledge: just the basics of how a website should look at the ability to view the website in its entirety.

Websites to look at: Usability Hub and User Zoom

Potential earnings: £7 per test

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