'A worry off my mind' – Man 'in shock' as boss offers him £15,000 to get a mortgage

Undercover Big Boss: Robert Forrester offers employee money

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On ITV’s Undercover Big Boss’ he said: “I was very disappointed when you said you felt underappreciated, I feel that we have got to do something about that.” After losing millions during the pandemic, the chief executive of Bristol Street Motors decided to go undercover to work with his employee and see how to build the business back up

Whilst undercover there was one employee who stood out and had a big impact on Mr Forrester because of his commitment to such a difficult job.

Terry has worked in the Newcastle branch as a valet for over eight years.

After working with him he went to see him personally to say thank you for his hard work.

Mr Forrester said “You mentioned to me that you would actually like to move house, so we’d like to give you £15,000 towards a house deposit.

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CEO Robert Forrester offered his employee £15,000 towards his mortgage (Image: GETTY)

“I think you deserve it, you’re a great member of the team I think you’re really hard-working colleague you do a great job for us.”

For the past eight years, Terry has been working under a contractor meaning he has never been secure in his job.

He said: “I haven’t got much job security.

“I work for a contractor they could just come in and say ‘you haven’t got a job’ or ‘there isn’t enough work’.


“My rent, I live week by week so if I lost my job, I could lose my house.

“Basically, I want to be safe, I work hard for it so it shouldn’t be too much to ask for”.

Mr Forrester wanted to help change Terry’s situation when he went to see him.

He said: “I’d like to offer you a job in Bristol Street motors as the vehicle progressor for Newcastle Vauxhall.


Mr Forrester offered his employee a secure job with holiday, and sick pay (Image: GETTY)

“This would mean you’d be an employee, you would sick pay, holiday pay and you’ll be a full member of the team and I know that the team would really like you to feel part of them.

“And I know it that’s quite difficult to get a mortgage if you’re not an employee.

“I think as an employee is more likely to get a mortgage in addition to that.”

Terry responded: “This is one of the best things that’s ever happened to us, I can’t believe it.

“Wow thank you, I’m in shock I don’t know what to say.”

Mr Forrester explained that Bristol Street motors was more of a data and technological driven business, however this experience has changed that view for him.

He said: “The data only gives you one level of understanding.

“It is a people business and behind the data are personal stories.

“Understanding the people behind the data is how we are going to create a much better business.”

William Murphy

William Murphy

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