'A win-win' Mum recalls how she's helped 'struggling' Britons earn 'hundreds of thousands'

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Charlotte Pearce founded Inkpact in 2015, a company which offers handwritten personalised marketing notes to customers. Six years on, Inkpact now works with some big brands to help them connect with their customers.

During the pandemic, Ms Pearce had to reshape Inkpact and its business model.

With the business previously being dependant on being able to send notes to office addresses, the pandemic caused huge issues for Inkpact.

Due to the Covid crisis, 90 percent of Inkpact’s business disappeared almost overnight.

But rather than dwell on this, Ms Pearce and her co-founder, Andrew Martin, decided to do some good while they were deciding on the future direction of the business.

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charlotte pearce inkpact

Charlotte Pearce founded Inkpact in 2015 (Image: Inkpact)

They threw themselves into a heart-warming project: Using Inkpact’s network of scribes both in the UK and US to personally write over 2,000 letters to those in care homes and people who were isolated and lonely.

The response was overwhelming and powered them on to focus on the next stage of their company: to concentrate on retail and the everyday consumer – having seen the power their notes can have.

Ms Pearce, 29, said that these handwritten notes had a dramatic impact on the brands which used them.

She said: “People spent 30 percent more if they got a handwritten note compared to if they got an email, more people come back and they would rave about it on social media.”


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From a company which started out as just Ms Pearce and her cousin, the business has grown massively in scale since its founding.

“Last year we grew by 100 percent on the year before and this year, we’ve grown 150 percent. It’s pretty amazing, particularly in a pandemic.”

Now Inkpact works with huge companies such as John Lewis and Brewdog to bring personalised notes to their customers.

“We’re now the only company in the world that can send hundreds of thousands of genuinely handwritten notes,” Ms Pearce said.

inkpact notes

Inkpact handwritten notes have helped brands to engage with their notes (Image: Inkpact)

“We have sent notes to over 123 different countries across the world. We can write in many languages and we have nearly 1,000 scribes.”

Their scribes include single mothers, those recovering from cancer or affected by COVID-19, artists, teachers and more.

And Ms Pearce takes immense pride in supporting people in the UK through Inkpact.

“What I love is that the money we bring in brings money to scribes’ pockets,” she said.

“Hundreds of thousands of pounds have gone to people in the UK in the last year who otherwise would have struggled to get to work. It’s a win-win.”

Having run a successful business alongside being a new mother, Ms Pearce emphasised the importance of maintaining one’s all-round health as a factor in her success.

She advised others in business to “work really hard on yourself from a personal development point of view, work hard on your mental and physical health”.

“Make sure you’re looking after yourself and growing, learning, developing. Always stay a beginner because the moment you think you’re an expert, the world will throw something else at you.”

Roy Walsh

Roy Walsh

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